Jérôme Le Saux

6 Sentier des basses pointes
92190 Meudon

Tél :
Mail : Jlesaux@free.fr
Web : http://Jlesaux.free.fr

31 ans célibataire

Computer  Scientist

Software development

Work Experience


Software and conceptual engineer at Bouygues Telecom.

Evolutions of a congestion capillary network simlator. (C# .NET, SQL Server, Office Object)

Development of a trade Framework in Dot Net, tools migration from VBA to DOT NET technology

2006 - 2007

In charge of the integration of pyrosequencers (GS20, GSFLX) in the internal process.

(UML, C , C++)


Installation, management and developments around SRS (version

(Icarus, JSP)

2005 - 2007

Assembly project management (Bash, C, C++, Mysql, Jbpn). Compute developments on True64 clusters.

(C, C++)


Development of the ré-annotation web interface MICHECK, Microbial genome checker.(PHP, AWK, BASH)


Computational biologist in the UMR 8030 (structure et évolution des génomes), in Génoscope at Evry. Building a Concéption a database PKGDB (Mysql) and its interface (PHP, Perl, C). Building a microbial gene annotation tool AMIGene (Automatic Microbial Gene Annotation).

2000 - 2002

Setting up bioinformatics plateform at the research center at les Ulis of the laboratory GlaxoSmithKline, collaborating with the bioinformaticians team of Stevenage (UK) and Harlow (UK) (Perl CGI, C)

  • My main project was to set up an automatic process to find out human secrected proteins. (Perl, Langage C).
  • Development of an intranet tool (Perl CGI, Langage C), to analyse unkonwn proteins (eukaryote), and to train the users to this tool.
  • Annotator on new human genes and I took part on the research processes of the new genes. (Perl)

2000 - 2002

Building an alternative splicing database (Mysql, PHP et Langage C), for the ABISS laboratory (Rouen).

1996 - 2000

Technician in the laboratory Génétique et Membranes at the Institut Jacques Monod (Paris)



Training "Programmation efficace et avancée en C++" by the Valtech Training society - La Défense


Training "Analyse et conceptions avec UML" by the Valtech Training society - Evry


DESS EGOISt (Etude des Génomes Outils Informatiques et Statistiques) à l'Université de Rouen


Maîtrise de Biochimie à l'Université Denis Diderot (PARIS VII)


Licence de Biochimie à l'Université Denis Diderot (PARIS VII)



  • Biochemistry : enzymatic and structural 
  • Genetic : mendelien, cellular, molecular and genomic 
  • immunology
  • Mathematical modelisation of biological phenomenons 
  • Responsability of a  Bioflo 3000  fermentor (New Brunswick), continous culture
  • Biochemical analysises technics (electrophoresis, immunoblot, enzyme kinetics, spectrofluorimetry, spectrophotometry and phosphor Imager)
  • Data analysis on PC and Machintosh using softwares (Image Quant, Excel, NIH, Kaleidagraph, Cricket Graph)


  • Sequences comparisons : Blast, Fasta, Lassap
  • Multiple alignment : ClustalW, dbClustal
  • Genes detection : GenScan, GeneMark, HMM
  • Peptide signal detection : SignalP
  • Transmembrane domains detection : TMHMM
  • Phylogeny : Phylip
  • Codon usage : CodonW
  • Molecular modelisation : Sybil


  • Algorithmic : sequences alignments, sort, motif research, TDA (graphs, tree, automatons)
  • Programming languages : C, perl, JAVA, SQL, PHP, AWK, C++
  • Web conception and development : HTML, CGI (MySQL, PHP, perl CGI), CSS
  • Software conception : Rational Unified Process
  • Othes languages : Matlab, getz(SRS), Icarus(SRS), langage R, UML
  • OS : IRIX, Linux, SOLARIS, OSF1, MacOS X
  • Biological databanks (EMBL, Trembl, Swissprot, Pfam, Genebank, Subtilist, Prosite, BlastProdom, Prints)
  • Codon usage statistics : Markov models, AFC, Clustering.



read, spoken and written (several sojourns in UK)


Scholar notions completed by several sojourns

Others informations
  • Ice Hockey 
  • Sailling 
  • Photo ( Numerical and traditionnal, and web diffusion )
  • Permis B ( personnal vehicle )